Game Of Thrones is a Bit Boring

Here’s a new McQueen Novak bag to delight you and bring you Tuesday evening joy:


You can see me “clutch” my clutch with wrinkly old hands with ouchy bits at the sides which I chew while Mark watches Game Of Thrones and I try to care but I can’t and so my fingers get chewed and my toenails get unevenly pulled off and I think to myself

“I don’t know what’s happening. Is that princess-lady good or bad, and where are the rude bits? Im sure that guy was the politician in The Wire! I think I need a new black clutch bag” and so we come full circle and I gamely throw my unlove for that unengaging TV show into the ring, for everyone else in the known world to violently disagree with me. I don’t know why I can’t love it. Perhaps I was born defective in the ability to like really complicated and boring stories involving boring dragons and dull battles and forgettable place-names and incestuous royal-lovin’ between good-looking siblings or sommat.

Anyway, that particular black beauty was found at the Alexander McQueen sample sale last week in ancient old Clerkenwell Green, where I met Celia and she bought a burgundy bag big enough for the laptop and we hit the Modern Pantry for coffee and average pastries. Of course, this pastry thing has got to stop. I put on my formerly favourite denim shirt this morning and found it distinctly snug at the upper arm. Only one upper arm, mind. And I confessed to Mark about the new sad snugness and he said that yes, his shirts all seem a bit tinier this week, and we sat and we pondered and we ate a croissant with jam.

There is a bit of melancholic-ness hanging about the flat this week, all in all, mostly because it is a little bit cold when that wind hits you and the dog bit me on Saturday and the dishwasher has broken and


the DVD player won’t read discs anymore so we can’t finish The Sopranos or start something more interesting like Homeland (which I know we are late to, but I have been saving it up) and so the evenings have been taken up with

a) washing the dishes by hand (that is a cruel punishment for someone with hardly any unchewed skin left on the ends of her wrinkled fingers)

b) talking to each other in a vaguely yesteryear fashion – about the political unrest in Turkey, dog training methods, school sibling policies and debating whether carbonated water is bad for your teeth or not

c) baking Nigella’s brownies which are simply ridiculous, an unholy orgy of chocolate, eggs, butter and sugar all mixed and baked and oozing with devilment and Bad Choices, and

d) obsessively googling weekend properties to buy in the Isle of Wight.

Baby Names Are A Bit Boring Too

Currently I am leaning towards calling the new baby Rocky, owing to my love of Rocky Balboa and The Eye of The Tiger and Talia Shire (“Aaaaadrrrriaaaaannnnnn!”) and that excellent dirty downtown Philadelphia vibe and the pork pie hats. It’s because my big brother had a passionate love affair with Rocky, and it rubbed off on me, as did his love for The Carpenters and ABBA. But absolutely no one thinks that naming the baby Rocky is a good idea, so it may have to be Gus or Eli or Billy. As for a girl, I have decided Olympia is the best name ever, mostly because it could be shortened to Ollie and once I saw Olympia Dukakis in Greenwich in New York while I was eating a cupcake from Magnolia Bakery. That bit is  actually true, by the way.

Which naturally leads me to remembering that I saw Matt Le Blanc in Hyde Park a few weeks ago while I was with Amy who is beautiful and blonde and I SWEAR he gave us a Look even though I am 6 months pregnant and she was pushing her new tiny baby in a buggy and she had a most excellent story to tell about meeting him once night outside the Mayfair Hotel but I can’t say anymore because it is her story, not mine. Sigh. But it was as awesome as you’d imagine. And Mary Portas was in our garden as well on a recent drizzly day, and she was VERY EXCITING with her bob and her wife and her baby and her boyfriend jeans rolled up at the ankle in a very fashion-y way. I think I love her quite a bit.

Here is a photo of Virginia Lake, outside Windsor, where many Polish families and dog-lovers and mayflies go on a weekend to eat Tesco picnics and smoke. The dog went aswimmin’ even though he wasn’t allowed to, and went nearly halfway across the enormous lake and we thought he may have been gone for good, but then he turned and came back to us, nonchalant and totally cool. This is the third time he got off the lead and swam away:


His is the tiny ginger head on a mission. So we did that last week on the mid term holidays, as well as some serious dragon-hunting at the British Museum, a rocket show at the Science Museum, some ice creams from the gelato place in Whiteleys, some heavy TV viewing, a little bit of Tudor crown-making, plenty of walking the dog, three barbecues and one evening saunter through the park when we should have been in bed. And those little buggers slept in until 8am, and it was like a birthday EVERY DAY.

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12 Responses to Game Of Thrones is a Bit Boring

  1. Rocky is a great name. My dad was called Roc (but really it was really Roch) and that’s my nephew’s middle name! Rocky would Rock!

    • theharridan says:

      Yep, I think rocky is a hidden gem. I just need to find the balls to name him that. And convince my doubtful husband, who prefers Clancy! *vomits*

  2. Georgie says:

    Your hilarious and cool blog makes me miss you a bit more and then feel like I’ve gotten to hang out with you and so a bit less every time. And then a bit more. And always makes me laugh. Except for one time, but that’s because it wasn’t supposed to.
    I like your names. Gus could be for a girl too….Augusta, August. Augustus Gloop. Hmmm.
    I taught a boy called Bill and felt sort of sorry for him whenever I looked at him because it was such an old farmer’s name on a 12 year old kid.
    But I guess that’s what happens to the Bruces, Gregories, Barrys, Boris’, etc etc
    Although Billy has a very different feel to it. Anyway, you choose very good names for your rascally bandits. Miss you and Mark. xxx

  3. Kerry says:

    You know I’m always going to disagree with you about Game of Thrones don’t you? But you introduced me to Breaking Bad so you have a pass. Hope everything stops breaking now, you need a break! I took your bike out for a ride today and had a mishap with the chain. Within 10 seconds the police arrived and were wonderful and fixed it. Then I saw them again whilst sweating along the pond and we waved at each other. I did 6 miles and used up 200 calories so you effectively gave me a (small) piece of cake today, for which I heartily thank you. x
    PS – Did we discuss the name Charlie? Rocky is growing on me though, if you can’t use Wolfie of course 😉

    • theharridan says:

      Well, I’ve found a new show to obsess over! Called The Returning or The Returned… I have it in good authority it’s good and it’s coming to my place soon! You can borrow and we can discuss over prosecco in the garden x

  4. Patience says:

    Rocky is also the name of the rich, eccentric father in that old BBC show, As Time Goes By. I love the name Olympia. If it were practical, I’d keep on having babies just so I could name them things.

    • theharridan says:

      Yes! Although the naming thing does get incrementally harder. I’m really struggling with this one. Am desperately hoping those testicles were actually ovaries.

      • theharridan says:

        I am so hoping the same….I am SOOOOOO hoping the same. Clementine, Olympia, or Jemima are lovely names. I’m torturing myself.

      • I hate game of thrones too! So boring! Girls is a good one, u don’t have to think much and it’s funny and they’re only half hour long xx

      • theharridan says:

        Yes, I loved it! Need second series. In te meantime, finishing The Sopranos, feeling sad about Tony…

  5. 2nd series is sooo good, I cried a little at the end, so good!

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