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Five a day

Saturday morning, and the alarm goes and you turn it off and you think life is beautiful because everyone is still asleep. The baby is a bit sick but is not making the hacking cough sound, and the children are … Continue reading

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vegetarian rehash

It turns out I never had pneumonia, nor did I have consumption. My self-diagnosis was a little off the mark. I have a lung infection. I am nearly better. Unfortunately, Mark has it now, but he is *sicker*. You know … Continue reading

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My lungs, my bubbling consumptive lungs

I have been sick since Thursday, with these symptoms: Bubbling, crackling, wheezy lungs Headache Tiredness Hacking cough Achy chest Fever I have been quite Nicole Kidman in Moulin Rouge about the whole thing, coughing up consumptively, quite daintily, and still … Continue reading

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Oh shamola!

I just had a specifically New Zealander-related-embarrassing moment. We all (underdressed, watery-eyed and whinging) headed off to the park to get the children tired and the testosterone out and perhaps to get something nice for lunch. We ended up at … Continue reading

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