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iPad love

Woo hoo this is a post written on the new iPad. It is MINE! Although we are pretending it is for ‘the family’. Because then Mark still wins, and I win. Win-win if you will. Whatevs, just shove over and … Continue reading

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coldsore, locked out, etc, etc

Oh, Day of DARKNESS! Day of Creeping Despair and Vague Feelings of Crankiness! Day of Reasons To Feel a Bit Sad For Oneself! Day of Dramatic Sighings and Head Cupped in Hand Hoping Someone Would Notice! Why this sudden departure … Continue reading

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Puck (and italics galore)

Woo hoo. Saturday. The baby has begun to sleep through the night and I am getting thinner. Could be the two hour school run. Whatever. It means I may just investigate further my mother’s startling claim that I look better … Continue reading

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Post-hamburger slump

It has been a week of sausage overdoses and sad little four year old boys being dragged to school and autumnal horrible rainy days and a big fat Friday night GBK burger which has me pinned mercilessly to the couch. … Continue reading

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Photo essay for your viewing pleasure

We are home, after a long and hot holiday in which we all swam, we all ate many tomato-based things and we are all suitably┬ásun-damaged. Greece was lovely, Turkey was better, London is a little bit cold. Turkey – A … Continue reading

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