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My biceps are hiding from me

Oh, it has been too long! But I am back, newly-shorn and tinted, and I have much to tell. 1. I have changed my mind about having any more children. There is no real point in me listing the reasons, … Continue reading

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Why Big Families Might Be A Bad Idea When You Are From New Zealand

Today I got rained on, and got blanked by a friend’s husband and my new Stella McCartney jacket was run over by my pushchair. Luckily, there is a pie in the oven, which may fix me. And I just busted … Continue reading

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10 things I love

The clever, sexy and accomplished writer Betty Herbert (her ACTUAL, PUBLISHED book on shagging your (own) husband is coming out very soon, no less) tagged me to list 10 things I love. Ok then, says I, seeing as I have … Continue reading

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