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Custard has baby-dags

Maths Week came and went without real incident. Barnaby ran around the football field seven times. There was a family maths quiz which has lain forgotten and trampled on the floor. We scored another matchbox and filled it with Latvian … Continue reading

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Maths Week & a Meme

Apparently this week is Maths Week at school. I was told this through the medium of earnest, enthusiastic newsletters and even more earnest and enthusiastic teachers who persuaded me to come to a Maths Week meeting this morning. There were … Continue reading

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The kids have a deep, inappropriate love for Lady Gaga. There is a whole lot wrong with little two year old boys waking up from their nap, sitting themselves down by the MacBook and asking for “Lady Gaga, Ra Ra … Continue reading

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The Game

England is playng the US in football tonight and it seems the whole of central London has gone quiet. Clearly everyone is watching the game – good on them – I too have felt the collective pull of sport-watching, but … Continue reading

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The Fords

Today I made a sneaky trip to Selfridges with Susan and Neradah and associated squealy annoying children (mostly mine, actually) to buy Products’O’Beauty in the shiny, clean, quiet loveliness of the Beauty Hall. HURRAH! There is nothing like a bit … Continue reading

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Oh I was going to launch into a blow-by-blow account of a certain humiliation today, but have decided against it. Why reveal my failures to the world? I may wait until I find it funny. Which may never happen. Actually, … Continue reading

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