Bank Holiday Weekend

In the spirit of spousely togetherness, and in an effort to avoid watching my husband watch bad sci fi, we have become box set viewers. We started with The Wire. This first foray frankly set the bar too high, and I think we shall never fully recover. We watched all five years-worth of the show, over two cold, dark months of the English winter. And it was excellent. The days were spent in anticipation for the long night ahead where we would grab a couch each, a Brora scottish wool blanket, and watch the best of Baltimore and their police and their drug lords and their senators and their teachers and their addicts all do The Wire-type genius gripping, shattering, shocking stuff. When we got to the end, it was a bit like a death in the family. And so we reached the task of choosing what to consume next, deciding we had best have turns choosing as our tastes are very nearly opposite and so Mark (who is a huntin’ fishin’ shootin’ kind of fella who unashamedly loves romantic movies and musicals) choose Grey’s Anatomy.


It is so wet. It makes me cry every episode – not in a worthy way, but in a  sneaky manipulative lazy way. Like “lets have the premature babies die this week!” or “it is cancer time for the kind teenager!” etc etc. And so tonight we have come to the end of the second series, my glasses are streaky from the tears, and I feel a little USED. A little weak, a little ashamed. I need some grit, and that pansy show ain’t giving it. Tru dat.

Baby name musings:








General musings:

Is it ok to tell your friends you think their husbands are sexy/handsome/a lot fanciable? I do, but I wonder if maybe normal grown-ups hold back from that?

Is it ok to sometimes grab your kid a little too roughly around the legs and haul them out of the living room because they won’t stop wrestling with the baby and you are ten minutes late for nursery and then their head gets a wee bit knocked on the way out and yet you maintain you do not believe in smacking your child?

How much tidying should you do before the cleaner arrives? Should you hide stuff?

How important is teeth cleaning anyway?

Can babies eat Kinder Surprises? (Well, I know they CAN, but should their hypothetical mother let them?)

If people insist on giving you four bags of Pineapple Lumps, and you know from past, painful experience that your husband eats them slowly over about a year, should you just eat them quickly over three days, knowing you will get away with it?

Is it wrong to be 31 and a half, with three and a bit children, and yet be clueless as to how to sew name tags onto school uniforms/shorten the hem on school trousers? 


Spot Woody in my garden:


(Clue – he is the tiny tiny stooped figure in the background)

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2 Responses to Bank Holiday Weekend

  1. Cath says:

    In answer to general musings….

    Tell your friends their husbands are cute. They should take it as a compliment. However, if you follow it up by asking them out on a date, or worse, that would be wrong.
    Of course manhandling kids is OK. Sometimes you just have to, especially small ones. Gets less of a thing that happens as they get older – less needed, and shouting works better.

    I always tidy before the cleaner comes (came) but I am a bad example.

    Teeth cleaning quite important – I have heard many a horror story about under fives needing fillings. Apparently you are supposed to supervise it till 7! William does not get supervised. Matthew does.

    Kinders – yes, and yes!

    Pineapple lumpies – are there still ant LEFT???

    School – you are about to learn a whole lot of stuff about school and homework and name tags and fitness gear and interviews and assemblies and stuff – it is not pretty.

  2. Sarah Clayton says:

    Hilarious as always!

    I love the rough hauling but no smack policy. I too have a no smack policy but believe that pulling sack of potatoes child by the arm and dragging them around to where they need to be is ok. I think your guru GF said that Kinders are not allowed for first babies, but are allowed for subsequent babies. I think it is nice that you tell people their hubbies are fanciable – it is easy to forget that one’s hubby is fanciable, so nice for you to remind them.


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